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Whether you’re getting your little one ready for kindergarten, preparing a teenager for college, or stressing over a challenge in the classroom, we can help.

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Our Navigators include award-winning teachers, veteran school counselors, and other education pros with experience across a wide range of grade levels, subjects, and schools. They serve as advisors, allies, and advocates for families.

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“This is a great resource to get helpful, in-depth, unbiased information about education. Anytime I need advice, my Navigator is very helpful and quick to respond.”

New Orleans-area parent

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We proudly partner with leading businesses, universities, healthcare institutions, and other organizations to bring expert educational support to families everywhere.

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The Busy Family’s Guide to School
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Wouldn't it be nice if kids came with a manual?

Now they do—at least for the school side of things. The Busy Family’s Guide to Schools offers clear information and age-by-age guidance on what to expect, how to support your child’s learning at home, where to get answers when you have questions, and more.