What We Do

We give care providers new ways to help families resolve school-related issues.

We partner with pediatric clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare agencies to provide referral-based support to families grappling with education challenges. Our integrated support approach allows practitioners to easily refer parents and caregivers to our Navigators for help with school enrollment issues, special education support, and other academic concerns.

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Trusted by Leading Healthcare Providers

We proudly partner with leading healthcare providers to support families who face economic, cultural, or language barriers to accessing quality educational opportunities.

Why EdNavigator is Good for Your Organization

Enhanced Impact

Enabling care providers to refer families to EdNavigator for support expands your organization’s ability to meet their needs holistically.

Improved Focus

Care providers with access to EdNavigator can spend more time focused on issues within their area of expertise and less time on school-related challenges.

Bridging Support

EdNavigator helps bridge gaps between education, healthcare, and other fields—gaps where students and families often get lost.

Mission Alignment

We specialize in providing caring, empathetic, and outcomes-oriented support to families in marginalized and under-resourced communities.

Is EdNavigator a Good Fit for Your Organization?

Q : Do you provide healthcare or other support to large numbers of families from under-resourced areas?
Q : Do your care providers express frustration about their interactions with schools on behalf of patients?
Q : Do the families you serve often struggle with overlapping issues (e.g., those involving healthcare and education agencies)?

“EdNavigator is so helpful for getting kids into school and getting IEPs. Often, families are intimidated or get incorrect information from the school districts. EdNavigator makes the process so much more successful.”

Boston-based pediatrician

Is EdNavigator right for your providers and patients?

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