Ages 2 - 4


What Happened to the Baby?

So you have a preschooler on your hands! They’re curious, silly, and full of opinions. They’re starting school now—or they’re about to—so it’s a time of huge transitions, with lots of feelings for everyone. Hang on tight. This education journey is about to get interesting.

Here’s What’s Going On

One minute ago, they were hanging out in a bouncy seat. All of a sudden, they’re real humans. Welcome to the early education years. 

This is prime time to get your child ready for kindergarten—but that doesn’t have to mean drilling them on their ABCs. School readiness includes some letters and numbers, sure, but it's also about independent skill-building: learning to put on their coat and shoes, and use markers, scissors, and glue. It’s about building social skills, like following routines and taking turns, too. 

How to Help Your Preschooler

3 Ways to Support Your Child’s Development at Home


Read every day. We hear it all the time, but it's true: Kids learn so much just from reading with their grown-ups. Stories are great, but so are the street signs on your walk to school, the labels at the grocery store, or the recipe you’re cooking for dinner. Here are some more tips for reading with your preschooler.


Practice social skills. Look for opportunities to help them practice the social skills they’ll need in school: things like taking turns, asking a grown-up for help, and negotiating conflict with a peer. So the next time they get into a playground dispute over sharing a bucket or taking a turn on the slide? Step away and give them the chance to work it out themselves. You might be surprised what happens. Learn more about how to support this skill development at home.


Give your kid a job. They’re learning to do more and more on their own, and that’s exciting for everyone. It is also time-consuming. So. Time-consuming. We all know what it’s like when you have to be somewhere and your child insists on “doing it myself!” Sometimes you just have to put their shoes on and get out the door, right? The more you can create opportunities for independence at home, when it’s convenient for you, the better. Now is a great time to give them a little job they can manage on their own, like setting the table or making their bed. (Bonus if this actually takes work off your plate.)

It's time to

Register for Kindergarten!

If your child is four years old, kindergarten registration is likely right around the corner. Check your local school district to find out when registration happens and what the process looks like where you live. If you’re considering school options outside the district, now is the time to start checking those out, too. Choosing a school can be overwhelming, but we can help if you need it.

What’s Next on Your Child's School Journey

Little Kids

(Ages 5-7)

Welcome to Kindergarten!

You’ve got a real elementary schooler on your hands. Find out what you can do at home to support your child’s reading.

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