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Keeping a child on track in school is stressful. Let us help.

We’re here to give busy parents and caregivers the tools to become informed and empowered advocates for their kids. When you connect with EdNavigator, our team will collaborate with you to make sure your child is getting what they need to thrive in school. Our areas of expertise include:

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Our Navigators are advisors, allies, and advocates for families. They represent some of the country's most accomplished educators, including award-winning teachers and school leaders, experienced college advisors, and content-area experts in reading, math, and special education. 

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The Busy Family’s Guide to School
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Wouldn’t it be nice if kids came with a manual?

Now they do—at least for the school side of things. The Busy Family’s Guide to Schools offers clear information and age-by-age guidance on what to expect, how to support your child’s learning at home, where to get answers when you have questions, and more.

“Our Navigator is the most understanding and helpful guide to schooling, parenting, etc. We could not have survived homeschooling during the pandemic without him!”

Boston-area parent

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