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Late last year, we introduced the EdNavigator Guide to Catholic Schools in New Orleans. The free, online guide includes information on scholarships, an interactive school finder tool, and individual profiles of more than 80 schools in the greater New Orleans area. When we published it, it was the first time all this information had been assembled in one place.

We created the Guide because we often heard from New Orleans families who were interested in Catholic schools, but weren’t sure how to start. Unlike the city’s public schools, there’s no OneApp for Catholic schools to simplify the application process. Parents had to spend a lot of quality time in the car or with Google just to figure out which schools were options for them and how to apply.

Our goal, in all of our work, is to help families make informed choices about schools and keep their children on track for success; in this case, we thought we could be helpful by compiling information about New Orleans’ Catholic school system and making it available to everyone.

This year, with continued support from the Archdiocese of New Orleans and our friends at Public Impact, we’ve upgraded the guide with new information and features. Check it out and you’ll find:

  • An improved school finder: Now you can search for nearby schools by zip code in addition to searching by region, parish, school characteristics, or school name.
  • More comprehensive school profiles: Every school profile now includes photos of the school alongside contact information, application details, tuition information, and more.
  • More information on academic performance: We’ve added more information about the special education services each school offers as well as graduation rates and other key indicators of academic performance.
  • Mobile-friendly features: The Guide is easier than ever to use on mobile devices, making it more accessible for busy families.

If you’re considering Catholic schools in New Orleans (or know someone else who is), start your search with our Guide. We hope it makes the process of finding a school that’s the right fit a little easier.

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