"It's a total game-changer for our company."

Sean Cummings, New Orleans developer and owner of the International House Hotel, shares how EdNavigator has had an impact on his employees and business.

“Here’s the real deal: EdNavigator has produced remarkable results for the human beings with whom I work and, thus, for our company. Since August 2015, EdNavigator has helped our employees move kids to far better schools and overcome a gauntlet of education obstacles, small and large. Their dedicated “Navigators” bring uncommon excellence to their craft and care to know parents and children on a personal level.

“What’s not to like? Children then a bit lost in the system, now engaged in their education. Parents previously overwhelmed, now proudly empowered. EdNavigator has made a world of difference in the quality of these children’s education and in our employees' peace of mind as parents. They know they have a trusted, go-to person to help them make informed choices in education. It’s a total game-changer for our company.

“Our partnership with EdNavigator is making not only a profound difference in the lives of our employees and their families but also a surprisingly significant one to our bottom line. Some employers hesitate to invest in EdNavigator when comparing “certain cost” to “uncertain benefit.” I get that, but it's a mistake. Our data shows 80% lower staff turnover among participants in the program. That means we save the $3,800 it costs to hire and train a new employee, and you don’t need an abacus to calculate that return on investment. EdNavigator pays for itself more than 3:1.”

– Sean Cummings, Owner, International House Hotel, New Orleans

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