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Our Favorite Educational Apps and Sites

From pre-readers to almost adults, here are our favorite tools for learning with a screen.

So much internet. So little time! Seriously, how do you know what tools for online learning are a good use of your family’s time?

If you Google “educational apps,” you’re going to find…a lot of options. Whether you want your early learner to use some of their screen time to build literacy or math skills, or your big kid wants to study a whole new topic in their free time, the internet has many offerings to choose from. 

Here are some of our favorites for younger learners:

  • Duck Duck Moose: Free award-winning educational apps for younger children on iTunes and Google Play Stores.
  • Bedtime Math: A daily (or nightly) math problem focused on a fun fact or topic. This is a great way to sneak some math practice into your regular routine.
  • Endless Alphabet : Really cute, simple, letter-learning app for early learners. When they’re ready, your child can advance to Endless Reader. The same site also offers Endless Numbers, Endless Spanish, and other early learning apps.

And here are some favorites for older learners and more structured online coursework:

  • Khan Academy: Khan Academy is well-known for its free tutorials and lessons across all subjects and grade levels, but did you know it also offers great test prep for high schoolers who are looking ahead to the SAT and AP exams?
  • IXL: This site offers a wide range of online courses and practice options by grade level (K-12).
  • Zearn: Zearn offers students short videos explaining math concepts and plenty of opportunities to practice and receive real-time support and feedback. Our Navigators love Zearn for the many ways it lets students (and teachers) tackle individual areas of strength and weakness.
  • BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr.: Our team loves BrainPOP for its engaging animated content across various subjects, and we recommend it frequently for elementary and middle schoolers. (It’s also available in Spanish and French.)
  • iPracticeMath: This site provides free online math practice, help and worksheets.
  • XtraMath: This site allows students to practice basic math facts (for elementary and middle school aged students). As an added bonus, parents can track their students’ progress.
  • Prodigy: This site allows elementary and middle school students to practice math skills through engaging games. Parents can set up an account to track students’ progress, too.

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