Article / Published May 19, 2020

One Great Thing for Wednesday, 5/20

As parents grappling with life in the era of coronavirus ourselves, we know how hard it feels to get through these days—let alone what the next weeks and months will bring. Every day, we’ll share a few great things that are helping us cope with kids at home, work to do, and plenty to worry about. We hope they help you, too.

Have you tried doing everyday things in unusual places? Picnic in the hall? Reading on the stairs? The novelty may make regular routines at home a little more fun.

In 1847, the Choctaw nation sent aid to Irish communities that had been affected by the potato famine. Today, the Irish are sending support to the Navajo nation, which has been hit especially hard by the coronavirus.

Why does the moon have a different shapes depending on the night? Learn about the “phases” of the moon, which depend on the sun’s reflection off its surface, with this Crash Course. Afterwards, use this interactive tool to see how the moon looks in each phase.

Would you rather wear your shoes on the wrong feet or wear your pants backwards? What are the pros and cons of each? Discuss.

Here’s a tasty science experiment: Learn about candy coatings by testing how different candies react in water. (This one comes from National Geographic Kids. Trust us, it’s real science!)

Jerry Seinfeld: "The bedtime routine for my kids is like this royal coronation jubilee centennial..."

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