Article / Published Jan 09

How to Talk to Kids about the Chaos at the Capitol

Like so many others, we have been deeply disturbed by the unprecedented violence at our nation’s capital and the shameful role the President and other political leaders have played in triggering it. As parents and educators, we know how hard it can be to talk to kids about what happened and why—especially for families of color who encounter every day the kind of racism, hate, and injustice we all saw so vividly on display. Here are some of the resources we have found most helpful as we have navigated these difficult conversations with our own families and children:

We encourage you to talk openly with your children about their observations and concerns and hope you find these resources helpful, too. At EdNavigator, we continue to believe in the power of education to build understanding, empathy, and a better society. As an organization dedicated to advancing equity and continually striving to apply antiracist principles to our work, we recommit ourselves to confronting injustice, dismantling institutional racism, and ensuring that every family has access to great schools and empowering educational experiences.