Article / Published May 26, 2016

Don't Let Learning Melt Away this Summer

Did you know that many students lose about two months' worth of learning in math and reading over summer vacation? When they're not in school, they may not have the opportunity to practice those skills. Then, in the fall, they have to spend months just to re-learn what they lost.

This summer, make sure your kids don't slide back and start the new school year behind. Here are four simple ways you can fight summer learning loss:

1. Find a camp

Many local organizations and some schools offer summer programs for kids. Anything that keeps them engaged and busy is better than nothing, but look for those with an educational component, especially.

2. Visit the library

Reading just 5 books over the summer may be enough to prevent learning loss. Many libraries offer free summer reading programs and prizes for kids, and can help you find books at the right level for your child. You can also find summer reading lists online.

3. Make time for learning

Summer should be fun, but that doesn't mean it can't involve a little learning. Set aside 30-60 minutes every day for learning activities like reading, completing a summer learning packet, or using an educational app.

4. Don't drop math

Don't worry, worksheets aren't required. Try free apps like Bedtime Math or other math games to help your child practice math in the summer months without it feeling like a chore.

EdTip: Summer is for exploring!
Ask what your child would like to learn this summer. Maybe it's how to code or how to cook. Find out what they're curious about, then help them find books, videos and activities that connect to their goal.