What We Do

We help nonprofits and school systems provide parent and caregiver support that improves student outcomes.

We collaborate with local nonprofit organizations, school districts, and state education agencies to provide clear information and targeted support to busy parents and caregivers. Our Navigators help families solve short-term challenges and become informed and empowered advocates for their children’s educational needs and priorities.

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We proudly partner with leading businesses, universities, healthcare institutions, and other organizations to bring expert educational support to families everywhere.

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Why EdNavigator is Good for Your Organization

Holistic Support

Offering EdNavigator to the families your organization already serves expands your ability to meet their needs holistically.

Proven results

Families consistently report that their children are getting a better education because of EdNavigator—and independent research suggests they are correct.

Improved Focus

Family engagement and parent support may not be your organization’s core focus or strength. That’s where we come in.

Mission Alignment

We specialize in providing caring, empathetic, and outcomes-oriented support to families in marginalized and under-resourced communities.

Is EdNavigator a Good Fit for Your Organization?

Q: Do you provide support services to families with school-aged children in under-resourced communities?
Q: Do your families experience challenges or concerns when interacting with schools and systems?
Q: Are many of the children of the families you serve struggling to fulfill their learning potential?

“My Navigator has made a real difference in my child's education and development. She has been professional, kind, caring, understanding. She is easy to talk with, but does not take up too much of my busy day. She has been there when I need her.”

New Orleans-area parent

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