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We help companies create family-friendly workplaces where education support is a signature benefit.

We partner with leading employers to bring personalized education support to working families nationwide. Our employer partners range from boutique hotels and pioneering local businesses to nationally recognized universities and major medical systems. At each of them, working parents have easy, on-demand access to expert Navigators who help them plan ahead, troubleshoot education challenges, and support their children’s success in and out of school.

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Personal Guidance for All

With EdNavigator, your employees won’t have to figure out school alone. They’ll be connected to our team of personal education advisors—“Navigators”— who can help with everything from preparing a preschooler for kindergarten to keeping a teenager on track for college.

Shared Costs, Universal Benefits

We use a shared cost model with generous funding from our philanthropic partners to maximize our impact and minimize costs for you and your employees. Sponsorship plans start as low as $10 per eligible employee per year.

Trusted by Leading Businesses and Organizations

We proudly partner with leading businesses, universities, healthcare institutions, and other organizations to bring expert educational support to families everywhere.

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Why EdNavigator is Good for Your Organization

Reduced Turnover

Employees participating in EdNavigator stay with their employers longer, leading to savings that exceed the costs of support.

Increased Productivity

It’s hard to focus on work when you’re worried about what’s happening at school. Navigation support gives families peace of mind.

Proven Impact

Families consistently report that their children are getting a better education because of EdNavigator—and independent research suggests they are correct.

Value You Can Trust

We’re a nonprofit organization whose mission is to help working families get an excellent education. Their needs and interests always come first.

Is EdNavigator a Good Fit for Your Organization?

Q: Do many of your employees balance work with child-raising responsibilities?
Q: Are you interested in innovative ways to improve employee engagement and retention?
Q: Is building a family-friendly workplace important to your company?
Q: Do you value expanding educational opportunity for working families?

“It was so nice to have an advocate for my kids’ education during the whirlwind that was last year. My Navigator was understanding and empathetic, and had great ideas.”

Boston-area parent

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