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Special Education Support

Whether you are new to the special education process or already have a child with an Individual Education Plan (IEP), you’ll find a trusted guide and advocate in our team of experienced Special Education Navigators. They help families understand their rights, navigate the evaluation process, prepare for and advocate for their child during meetings, and ensure students get the support they need to thrive.

(Note: We focus on supporting families of students with high-incidence disabilities such as autism, emotional and/or behavioral disorders, learning disabilities, speech or language impairments, and mild intellectual disabilities. Families with more specialized support needs may be referred to other organizations or providers.)

Stepping into the world of special education can be an overwhelming and stressful experience—one that involves meetings with multiple teachers, counselors, school administrators, and psychologists, complex timelines, and piles of official forms and reports.

When you’re already worried about your child, you shouldn’t have to navigate this process alone. It’s too easy to lose track of the rights families and students have, and hard to know how to make so many high-stakes decisions along the way.

That’s where our expert team of Special Education Navigators comes in. From initial evaluations to monitoring IEP implementation, they serve as caring guides and allies for families. They help families prepare for and advocate for their children during important meetings, understand evaluation reports, advocate for changes in services when appropriate, and explore after-school and summer program options.

The goal? To make sure parents and caregivers clearly understand their rights and that students get the educational support they deserve, every step of the way.

“The relationship with EdNavigator has completely turned things around with my son's progress. We went from having an IEP that would NOT get him what he needed to one that I feel much more confident about as we head into the fall.”

Boston-area parent

Ways We Can Help

  • Understanding the process: We make sure families understand their rights and how the special education process works.

  • Evaluations: We guide families in requesting special education evaluations, reviewing the results, and considering external evaluators where appropriate.

  • IEP implementation: We help parents ensure that their child’s IEP meets all their needs—and that the supports they actually receive match what’s on paper.

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