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K-12 Academic Support

Worried about your child’s progress in school? Every student struggles in class sometimes, but when you start seeing a larger pattern of concerning issues in reading, writing, and math, our K-12 Academic Support Navigators are ready to assist. They help families diagnose what’s really going on, communicate with teachers, understand how to support learning at home, and more.

A strong foundation in literacy and math is crucial to a student’s long-term success in school. 

Yet every year, students struggle or fall behind in these core areas, often without anyone noticing. The pandemic has put more students at risk than ever; researchers estimate that, academically, American students are 3-6 months behind where they would normally be.

The Navigators in our K-12 Academic Support team specialize in these challenges. They include veteran educators with a wide range of experience in literacy and math within different schools and at varying grade levels. They focus on helping families figure out why their student is struggling and how to get them back on track.

Our Navigators start by reviewing any available records that reflect the student’s academic progress, like report cards and test score reports, to diagnose the root issues. They then work closely with parents and caregivers to develop a plan of action that includes clear goals and next steps, inside and outside of the school setting.

As families execute their plans, Navigators provide advice and coaching on how to communicate with teachers and administrators, access in- and out-of-school resources, and support learning at home. Where appropriate, they may refer families to other specialists at EdNavigator or external sources of support—all with the goal of putting struggling students back on the path to success.

“My Navigator is super attentive, she has lots of good resources, and she's truly invested in having my son succeed.”

New Orleans-area Parent

Ways We Can Help

  • Academic progress analysis: We review and decode report cards, test scores, and other data to identify where additional support may be needed.

  • School engagement: We empower families to advocate for their child within the school, and support stronger school-to-home communication.

  • Planning and goal-setting: We help families set clear goals and next steps inside and outside of the school, and coach them as they put their plans into action.

  • Learning at home: We suggest healthy learning habits and routines families can practice to boost their child’s success.

  • Progress monitoring: We teach parents and caregivers how to know whether their child is improving—and what to do if they are not.

Make a plan for getting your child back on track with help from a Navigator.

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