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The path to college or a fulfilling career can be stressful. Our Navigators help high schoolers and their families plan ahead, explore their college and career training options, navigate admissions and financial aid processes, and make the transition to college successfully.

For many students and families, a college degree is the educational finish line. But crossing it isn’t easy. There are so many questions to answer, choices to make, and deadlines to meet—and it all starts sooner than you think.

With a special focus on supporting first-generation college students and students from lower income families, our College and Career Planning Navigators work closely with families to ensure they understand the process clearly and can make informed decisions every step of the way.

We start by helping parents and caregivers of 9th and 10th graders choose courses, monitor academic progress, and explore sports, clubs, and extracurricular activities that bring them joy while also positioning them for success in the college admissions process. As they get closer to applying, we help them evaluate their options, plan college tours, and figure out which school or program best fits their unique interests and needs.

When it’s time to apply, our Navigators focus on making sure students and families know what to do when. They offer expert advice on preparing for the SAT and ACT, writing application essays, and exploring scholarships and financial aid.

Finally, our Navigators guide families as students make the critical transition from high school to a college campus or career training program. Every year, up to 40 percent of students who are accepted to college don’t show up. We coach students, parents, and caregivers on strategies to help bridge the gap and ensure students know how to access support that helps them succeed in their first year and stay on track to earn their degree.

“Getting help with my daughter's college search this past year was critical to getting her set for this next phase of her life. I did not have the ability and the school guidance counselors didn't have the capacity this year to give the students everything they needed. Without guidance from our Navigator, we would certainly have been more stressed, had weaker applications, and possibly missed deadlines.”

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Ways We Can Help

  • Preparing for college: We advise families on high school course selection, extracurricular activities, progress monitoring, and more.
  • Exploring the options: There are more college and career training options than ever. We help families understand what’s available and find the best fit.
  • Applying to college: We guide students and families as they prepare for entrance exams, write essays, and explore financial aid options.
  • Making the transition: Getting in is just the first step. We help families ensure students have the skills, strategies, and support to succeed in college and beyond.

Map out the path to college or a fulfilling career with help from a Navigator.

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