Download / Published May 22, 2019

What Will Your Child Learn This Summer?

About this time each year, our Navigators work with families to craft simple summer learning plans for their kids. Don’t freak out; these aren’t long lists of high-fiber books or stacks of dull worksheets to complete. Instead, they focus on a simple question: What do you want to learn this summer?

It’s an important question, because summer is a time when many students lose important skills and knowledge they learned during the previous school year due to a lack of practice. Then, they have to spend time catching up at the beginning of the next school year—and some never do. Plus, summer is the ideal time to explore and learn about the world. Setting a goal or two can help families fight summer learning loss and make the summer memorable and fun.

Last year, we shared an easy-to-use template to help families write down summer learning goals and keep kids’ brains working over the summer. This year, we’ve updated it based on feedback from our Navigators and families. Print out a copy of the new and improved version and try using it with your kids.

Start by asking what they want to learn or stay focused on this summer, then help them think through how they’ll do it. For some kids, it might be reading 10 great graphic novels; for others, it might be learning to code or exploring spoken word poetry or something else entirely. What will yours learn?