Our Work / Published May 02, 2019

EdNavigator Checks In at the Ace Hotel

Take one step off the St. Charles streetcar and into the ultra-hip Ace Hotel New Orleans, and you can tell Ace takes a decidedly different approach to the hotel business. But now, what sets it apart isn’t just trendsetting design and extravagantly good coffee—it’s a set of socially conscious employee benefits that includes personal education support from EdNavigator.

Starting this month, Ace Hotel’s housekeepers, front desk clerks, administrative staff, and other team members can get advice and hands-on help with school without leaving work. With a Navigator by their side, they’ll have an expert advocate who can guide them as they search for schools, support their children’s success, and pursue their own educational dreams.

Lisa Dusset, the hotel’s human resources director, says EdNavigator is a good match for its individualistic, people-first philosophy and values. “We’re all about bringing people together. We want our guests to have a unique experience at Ace, and we want our team members to have a special experience too. Helping them get a great education for their families and themselves is one of the ways we show that we care about them as individuals on their own journeys, not just as employees.”

We’re honored to join the Ace Hotel family and excited to get going. Already, we’re busy helping employees clarify their families’ education goals and start planning for the summer, when learning too often grinds to a halt. Helping more working families from Ace and other employers give their kids a great education starts with disrupting exactly that kind of pattern.