Introducing #ParentPerspectives

Every parent deserves to be heard.

Yet the voices of parents and families tend to get drowned out. We see this among the moms and dads we work with in New Orleans, too many of whom struggle to get schools to listen and respond to them. We see it in the public debate about schools and education policy, which so rarely reflects the perspectives, priorities, and daily realities of parents everywhere. And we feel it ourselves, as parents trying to do the best we can for our own kids.

At EdNavigator, we get to talk to hard-working parents about kids and schools every day. It’s an incredible privilege. They tell us about their worries and their hopes, their frustrations and their victories. Their stories are often inspiring, sometimes funny, sometimes heart-breaking, always insightful.

We think that more people should hear what they have to say. So today, we’re starting a new #ParentPerspectives campaign to help bring parents’ experiences and perspectives to the forefront. Through it, we hope to give a microphone to moms and dads of all backgrounds—not just those we are working to support directly, but those we encounter throughout our work with businesses, schools and organizations in New Orleans and beyond.

We’re starting with one of our very own Navigators, Kay Everage. We hope her story and others we share will make you see things a little differently and encourage other parents to add their own voices. Help us make sure they all get heard by sharing #ParentPerspectives far and wide.

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