What if expert educational support were just a tap away?

With our new mobile app, we're giving EdNavigator members even more ways to connect to their Navigators.

When we started EdNavigator two years ago, we knew we wanted to harness the power of technology to bring high-quality advice about schools to families across America. We took a big step in that direction when we began rolling out our new mobile app to our members in New Orleans earlier this month.

The EdNavigator app is designed to make it easier for Navigators and families to stay in touch, track students’ progress in school, and safeguard important academic records. Open it up, and a member can request a meeting with their Navigator, send off a question about a report card, check off an item from their to-do list, or just share an adorable back to school photo.

Behind the scenes, we’re starting to use data from the app to see when and how our members are accessing support from their Navigators, what works and doesn’t work to encourage member engagement, and the extent to which everything we’re doing translates to better outcomes for students and families. Down the road, we plan to take advantage of the app’s messaging capabilities to explore how short, simple reminders and tips for parents can boost their efforts to support their children’s education.

For now, you have to be a sponsored member of EdNavigator to register an account and use the app, but you can find it on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store today. Someday soon, we hope to make it possible for anyone with a question about school to open it up and start talking to a Navigator with answers.

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