Welcome Our First Employer Partner in Boston: Hebrew SeniorLife

Our anchor employer partner in Boston is a leading non-profit senior care provider with a deep commitment to supporting employees’ personal and professional growth.

Since our founding in 2015, EdNavigator has partnered with a growing group of employers and other organizations across New Orleans to bring hands-on education support to parents and families of all backgrounds. Today, more than 1,500 families in New Orleans have on-demand access to an expert Navigator who can guide them as they navigate the school system for their children and pursue educational goals of their own.

Our Navigators have helped families in the hotel industry understand their students’ progress in school and plot a pathway to success. We’ve helped hundreds of families at closing schools identify new school options for their children. We’ve supported hourly employees in the higher education industry to pursue degrees of their own. We’ve identified resources for English learners to help improve their language skills. In early 2018, we launched with a global manufacturing company that promotes an environment of continuous improvement. And now we welcome a leading non-profit senior care provider, Hebrew SeniorLife, as our anchor employer partner in our second location, Boston, MA.

Hebrew SeniorLife has been in existence since 1903, providing health care for seniors, research into aging, and education for geriatric service providers. With over 2,600 employees, it is one of the largest employers in Massachusetts, and has been named one of the Boston Globe’s 25 Top Places to Work. With a deep commitment to supporting employees’ personal and professional growth, it’s a perfect match for us.

Last month, we started rolling out EdNavigator to a pilot group of employees at one of Hebrew SeniorLife’s largest facilities, and we hope to expand our support to additional teams over the coming year. With the help of the organization’s incredible HR team and department managers, we’ve had an enthusiastic reception; since January 1, approximately 80 Hebrew SeniorLife employees have already signed up to receive education support services from EdNavigator. Nearly half of those employees are adult learners interested in earning a degree or learning a new language or skill. Our two Boston Navigators, Arlene Sanchez and Jessica DaSilva-Fisher, are working with each of these members to understand what they and their families hope to achieve in school and beyond, and start guiding them as they work towards those dreams.

We’re thrilled for the opportunity to expand our services to Boston families and look forward to strengthening our partnership with Hebrew SeniorLife.

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