Loyola University New Orleans Brings EdNavigator to Campus

Loyola University becomes the first university in the country to offer EdNavigator to its entire workforce.

So much of our work at EdNavigator depends on our employer partners — the dedicated businesses and organizations who collaborate with us to put expert education support within easy reach of hard-working families.

In New Orleans, we started with the mainstays of the city’s vibrant hospitality industry: Hotels like International House, Marriott, Sheraton, and Windsor Court. We extended into new sectors over time, bringing Navigators to New Orleans institutions like Laitram Manufacturing, Tulane University, and the Ruby Slipper Café.

Now, we’re excited to announce our newest employer partner, Loyola University New Orleans. Loyola University becomes the first university in the country to offer EdNavigator support to its entire workforce, from both full and part-time staff to adjunct professors and tenured faculty.

We were inspired by Loyola University’s clear commitment to its employees and vision of innovation from our first meeting with its new president, Tania Tetlow. “We know that a great education can be transformational,” she says. “That’s why we’re here, and all of us at Loyola contribute to the mission of unlocking possibilities for students every day. Yet many of us also do this work as parents, helping guide our own children through school. Offering EdNavigator is about supporting our employees in that first, most critical role, and making Loyola an engine of educational opportunity not only for our students, but for our incredible staff and their families as well.”

In keeping with that vision, we’re trying something innovative in our work with Loyola University’s employees and focusing on connecting them to Navigators primarily through our free mobile phone app.

To get started, all an employee needs to do is download our app, tap in a five-digit registration code, and set up their account. In less than five minutes, they can be exchanging messages with a personal Navigator who knows the local community and its schools. They can check in during their commute to work, while grabbing lunch, or later in the evening while puzzling over a child’s algebra homework.

Our goal, as always, is to help families achieve theirs. Whether it’s finding a just-right book to encourage reading, getting a child into college (we know one school that would be very excited to see their application), or understanding what supports a student with special needs should receive, the families of Loyola University now have our Navigators by their side.

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